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Class Schedule

All the dance classes have been changed to In-Person classes.

Only Monday, Wednesday, and Friday have 9:3am Pilates and Barre online classes available.

It fills up your slim muscles, it is the best class for health care, and provides full-body stretching for the circulation in the body.

Our live program allows you to manage your health online wherever you are.

In person Class Registration

Please briefly write what classes you will be registering for


All financial obligations arising from the injury treatment(s) are the responsibility of the students, parents or guardians. I understand there is no refund. I have read the rules and regulations and understand that Royal Dance is not responsible for any injuries me or my child/children sustain during class and all activities. Content from classes and performances (including pictures or videos) will be allowed on social media and other networks.

Thanks! We will be with you soon!

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