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Benefits of joining the Royal Dance Pro Performance Team

1. Community Service Credit/Volunteer Hours - (Performance at Community Events, Shows & Competition, etc.)

2. Volunteer Certifications

3. Participating in Special Events, Shows & Competitions, Etc.

Please read all of the information below before submitting an application!

Royal Dance Pro Performance Team Information

Participants must be a teenager when applying to our Pro Performance Team!

1. Members will be selected from an in-person audition or if he/she is taking certain classes. If you choose to audition in person, please fill out the information on the other side.

2. Please fill out and submit an application form when you feel you are ready. If you audition, we will inform you of the outcome shortly after.

3. If you pass the audition, you are expected to be able to participate in practices and performance schedules. If you decide to quit within this time range, you will not get the prepaid money back when you register. Please understand that teamwork is essential for partner and group dance routines; dropping out will interfere with other hard-working dancers.

4. The practice schedule will be announced in advance, so please check the schedule before auditioning. The schedule of the performances will be announced a month ago prior to the date of the performance. Extra practices may be put in place depending on the status of the team, and will be charged.

5. If you participate in a performance with participation fees, you must pay the participation fee and the dance costume fee.

6. The cost of tuition is the same as regular tuition. You must pay two months of tuition  

7. Once you pass the audition, you do not have to audition again if you choose to stay on the team the following year.

8. Applicants who are accepted are expected to improve individual skills and to show a professional attitude that will contribute to a lively spirit within the group. 

9. If you are suspected of any form of bullying, discrimination, and/or harassment towards other dancers, you risk the privilege of being a member of the team, and may be asked to leave the group.

10. To the parents of accepted applicants, we ask that you support your child through this next big step in their dance career with love and encouragement. 

Excused & Unexcused Absences

If the participant is unable to attend a practice due to sickness, emergencies, or family trips, please contact the teacher in advance. However, they must make up that lesson some other time.

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